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A powerful church app & online bulletin your church family will enjoy & stay connected with!


Churches all over the world have saved combined over $1,000,000 dollars

in bulletin paper & labor costs in the last 3 years using Bulletin Plus!

We are excited to see this savings go back into ministry & the church family! Watch Now!

Your church family is no longer limited to just receiving their church bulletin handed out at the door. But now right in your church app!

App. by Bulletin Plus

A church app is so important these days to get information out & into the hands of your church family. Current methods like your paper bulletin “That’s in the trash” & your church website produce very low results.
Bulletin Plus Church App with online bulletin is your solution for staying engaged with your church family anytime & anywhere.

Download, Pick a Church, Ready to Go!
Bulletin Plus!

Our Bulletin Plus church app comes ready to go when you setup your account. And comes with all the features listed below with no limitations. Just find your church

& select it & that church loads next time
you load the app by default.

Love it!
App Review
Download our test branded app! You can upgrade to the branded app after your account has been setup!
We do not add our logo or any of our branding to your branded app! Branded App!

Our branded version is a exact copy of the Bulletin Plus church app but with no church list & branded & submitted under your name & with your app icon to the
app stores.

App Review
Increase Church Awareness
with Your Church App!

Getting information into the hands of your church family quickly will increase ministry sign-ups, church awareness & help pastor cut down on that two page list of announcements every Sunday.

App Feature: Announcement Feed
+ Push Notifications

The Announcement Feed is a powerful element in the app giving you the ability to schedule event reminders, a weekly devotional or even advertise free or paid resources. Your church family receives the announcement, then clicks the push notification and then it opens right into that announcement in the feed.
Such a get tool to keep your church family always engaged with what's
going on at church.

Custom Load Screen
& Push Notifications

We think this is the coolest feature. The ability to add a custom load screen to your church app with your church logo or even a special Easter service or new ministry etc. Plus unlimited push notifications
“No Limits”.

Pages, Text Pages 
& Groups

What makes our church app unique from others is the ability to create custom content in your church app. We know from experience working on staff at churches your staff needs the ability to create what your church needs. And not to be
put in a box!

Church Information 
& Podcasts

We have built a page in your church app to share your vision or a little about the history of
your church plus service times & contact information. Easily pull in your audio & video podcast feeds. Plus audio plays while in multitasking mode.

Hot Feature
Sermon Cloud add-on 
Audio & Video Player

SermonCloud is our audio & video player & hosting solution for your church app & church website. Add audio/video to the website & it goes right to the church app also.

Audio While Multitasking on Device
Video Portrait & Landscape Modes
Demo video of audio in Multitasking Mode.
Visit SermonCloud Website Click Here for more information
"New Bulletin"
Push Notification

Your Online Bulletin in Your Chuch App, Email or Online

Enjoy Anywhere & Anytime!

Church, home, work, on the go,

away from home, anywhere!

Other ways to view your bulletin

Your church family can sign up via email to receive your weekly bulletin 
or view it on your church website & even social media

platforms like Facebook & Twitter.

Email, Website & Social Media
What Pastors are Saying!

Pastor Jack shares with pastors & church leaders the benefits of

switching to Bulletin Plus Church App & why it is so important!

“There is no reason why you shouldn't try Bulletin Plus it is a great step.” - Pastor Jack

"Love how easy it is to customize our app

& the free icon library allows us to design a
great looking app for our church family."

Becca - Designer @ Calvary Tucson

Simple & easy to use!

Bulletin Plus Dashboard

From your dashboard you can easily build your church app, bulletin, & add calendar & registrations events with our easy to use interface. So many powerful tools to help you stay connected with your church family.

View stats right from your dashboard

See who is reading your bulletin!

One of the major problems with a paper bulletin is you never really know

if anyone is reading it. With Bulletin Plus you can view how many
people have opened your bulletin & what they have clicked on.

Build into all our programs! Unlimited Storage
Free Stock Themes User Management Share Events

Your first step to getting started

Get your church on board!

Your account has a customized page that you will want to

direct your church family to so they can download the church app

or sign up via email to just receive your online bulletin.

Sign up

Included with Bulletin Plus

Online Event Registration

Bulletin Plus gives your church family the convenience of registering

anytime for all your church events in your church app or online. Whether it's a free or paid event. Plus it’s so easy to get this feature setup all we need is a bank routing number and that’s it your all set to start accepting payments.

All payments securely processed by Stripe one of the #1 leader merchant services online. Plus churches have processed over 1 million dollars so far.

Customize each event registration form. Need to get shirts sizes for the upcoming men’s retreat no problem just add a custom field.

All the money processed goes right in your bank account every couple days. Plus you have access to detailed reports for all payments.

Paid registration events require a .99 cent per person + 2.9% credit card processing fee that is added at the end of check out that the ticket purchaser pays & not the church.

Over $1 Million dollars of Ministry Events Processed!

Included with Bulletin Plus

Online Event Calendar

Our event calendar is a key piece to helping you promote & communicate

what is going on at church. You can add it to your church

website, in your church app & link events right to it for more info.

Google Maps, Attach Files, Add to Personal Calendar, Create Recurring Events,
Search & Filter Events, Embed on your Website & Mobile View.
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