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Building Community through
Media & Communication.

Design Matters! It can have a profound impact on the quality of your app & the impact!

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Your Church App.

Bulletin Plus saves you money and increases church awareness!

Stop unnecessary waste and spending! Streamline operation costs and save $100's or $1000's monthly. Bulletin Plus Allows you to cut costs, communicate better and work smarter and faster! No other on-line service provides this amount of savings and value
for such a low price!

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Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

Chino Hills saves an estimated
$100,000 a year by using the

Bulletin Plus Suite of products!

Using Bulletin Plus for over 3 years.


"Every pastor is concerned about cutting costs."
“There is no reason why you shouldn't try Bulletin Plus it is a great step.”

Pastor Jack Hibbs - Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

88.5% Online

Even Grandma's Online Now!

2016 Internet Users in the United States

88.5% of the U.S. population is online!

2015 U.S.A Device Ownership

68% of the U.S. population has a smart-phone.

45% of the U.S. population has a tablet.

Mission Control Dashboard

Our dashboard is unique because of all the different programs you can use to serve any need you have. Creating your app, bulletin or a online registration is so easy using our drag n drop interface. Upload your media via our media player interface. Your staff can easily build whatever you need no matter the age or experience.

App, bulletin & calendar Analytics provided.




A Better Media Experience for users!

With our media player you can search by keyword, topics, books & even organize sermons into series, speakers etc. Unlimited free audio uploads & hosting. Upload videos directly to your Vimeo account plus users have the ability to save messages to their play-list.

Unlimited Audio Hosting

Upload Videos Directly to Vimeo

Hosted Audio & Video Podcast




Harvest Riverside & Orange County

Harvest saves $1000's every month by switching to Bulletin Plus to deliver their bulletin digitally every week!

Using Bulletin Plus for over 2 years.

You Won't Throw This Bulletin Away!

It’s time for a bulletin makeover! With the rise of mobile, social media & more people
online then ever before. You can now transition into a more cost effective way of sending out your weekly bulletin & get better results then paper.


Publish to your app, email subscribers, website & Facebook page with one click.
Try that with paper!


Push Notifications the right way!

Most companies charge you for push notifications we don’t! Our unique Announcement feed allows you to schedule special content driven push notifications that once clicked on direct them right into the Announcement feed. Giving them a place to delete & save announcements they want to reference later. Use for events, devotionals, new series,
& important news from pastor. Send unlimited Announcement & Regular push 
notifications with no limits.

Announcement Inbox

Just in-case someone missed one of your Announcement Notifications from a glance they can see there was a new Announcement posted. Our Announcement Inbox makes sure people see your important Announcements and DON'T MISS OUT ON THAT EVENT!

Push Notifications Feed.

Our Notification Feed allows your church family to never miss out on a important push notification you send to them. When they jump into your app they can check to see what they missed and even click on either a announcement or new bulletin notification listed in the Notification Feed and be directed to that place in the app. Pretty Cool!

Your Calendar never looked so good!

Is your current calendar boring and ugly? PROBABLY!!! Sorry LOL. Then it's time for a change! Our calendar is the complete opposite! Good design and functionality go very far! Traditional box calendars look ugly & users have a hard time finding what they are looking for. Easily add to your website and view within your custom app!


Event registration success depends on good design and functionality! Good design translates into trust for users to
add their credit card. Does your current registration look professional? Easily create free or paid event registrations
and add them to your website, app, social media or have
them displayed at your church on a iPad or tablet. Setup
is easy all we need is a bank routing number and your ready to go.

You can also embed this Event
list on your website.

No more standing
in line on Sunday!

Text-to-Give Optional $19 month.

Online Church Giving!

No setup, monthly or yearly fees.

We believe giving to your local church should be Meaningful, Simple, and Fast. That’s why we provided a comprehensive suite of digital giving, powerful communication and media tools for your church family and staff. If that were not enough when you use the giving option with your Bulletin Plus subscription we are donating back to the Samaritan’s Purse “Operation Christmas Child” Fund. Join with us to make a child's Christmas amazing!

Credit & Debit


2.9% + 30¢

1% + 30¢

Per successful charge. AMEX: 3.5% + 30¢.





Custom Church Forms

Think about every printed form you have around the church & even the ones you use for internal church stuff. We can save you a lot of printing & time by creating them digitally. Once a form is filled out it can goto one email or dozens. Plus add forms to your website
& your custom church app. There are so many applications to use forms for. Just another great benefit when using the suite of products by Bulletin Plus.


Sermon Notes 2.0

People either have a smart-phone or tablet when they arrive at church on Sunday now days. Why not allow them to keep connected during the service in a entirely new way. Plus after service they can reference back to the notes they left for that Sunday. You can also add them to your Facebook page.


Free Online Image Editor

We have provided a great tool for those who don't have a photo editing software. There are some areas in Bulletin Plus where you will need to add some graphics to dress up your app or even your bulletin. This tool will allow you to do just that. Add text to a image, Adjust the brightness & contrast of a image. Plus crop images and then just hit save.


This is literally Photoshop in the Cloud! Yep Pretty Cool!

Building Community through Media & Communication.

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